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Chez Rogers is at No 2, Le Petit Village, St Germain du Seudre, 17240, Charente Maritime

NB French Post Codes cover an area of about 10sq km. Not very useful for SAT NAVs

Try 45 30 20.97N.   0 41 46.60 W on your GPS



  • From A10, exit at Junction 36.  There is a large roundabout with typical French "Round-About Art".  Head for Gemozac on D732.

  • At the entry into Gemozac  there is a  roundabout, take the second exit and go into Gemozac.

  • You will pass Lidl Supermarket on your right and within 500m you will come to  a  set of traffic lights, take care they are not obvious in strong sunlight.


  • The road is narrow and is one way, within 50 metres you should enter a square with a church on your left.   Proceed straight ahead, there is a sign for Mortagne

  • Follow the D6 for about 10 Km and just before you reach the D730 there is a turning to your left, the D144, signed St Germain du Seudre. It is about 300 metres from the Relais de Touvent which is on the junction of the D6 and D730. If you miss the turning there is a roundabout at this junction, so it is easy to get back.

  • There are other signs along the D6 pointing towards St Germain du Seudre which you should ignore. There are a maze of country lanes with no sign posts.

  • Follow the D144 for 4.8 Km and you will come to a small group of houses on your left on the brow of a hill. This is Le Petit Village and Chez Rogers has a very high pitched roof . There is a photo from the road in the photo gallery.

  • Turn in left and park 

  • Once you get to know the area, there are lots of routes between Gemozac and St Germain. The one described here is the most straightforward one since getting lost on French country roads after a long drive is not fun.

Updated 11 Jan 18